NassimTaleb, the author of Black Swan Theory rightly stated, “Bitcoin is the beginning of something great; a currency without a government, something very necessary.”

The Bitcoin revolution may have taken the world by storm, but making a profitable venture out of it may not be as easy as it seems. One needs to be very well informed and thoroughly equipped to start their trading journey with Crypto currency.

Here are a few mandatory tips to keep in mind whilst investing in crypto currency.

  1. Do not bite off more than you can chew:

Never invest more than your savings, and do not ever go above your means. It may seem fancy to take huge risks, but as a fresher in to the world of investing in crypto currencies, one must be careful and money-smart before making a huge commitment.

  1. Know your assets:

One must always know the A to Z of their business like the back of their hands. Do not go in for “popular” crypto currencies all the time. Do your research and find the one that suits your needs best. “Look before you leap” is an apt statement in this case. Look, learn, understand, and then commit.

  1. Spread your wings and broaden your horizon:

Do not make the mistake of putting all your eggs in a single basket. Do not invest entirely into one single crypto currency. Diversify and expand your trading and investing portfolio to increase your worth, and not be the scapegoat of circumstances. Do not rely on crypto currencies alone. Make sure you invest in other aspects like property, stocks, etc.

  1. Note down everything:

It is tough to remember all details related to your assets, whether it’s the purchasing fee or withdrawal fee or trading fee or blockchain fee. Keep note of all your transactions and investments for future reference, and stay informed and updated with all major or minor changes in the digital asset trading business.

  1. Better safe than sorry:

It is the most important prerequisite to secure your assets regardless of how much they are worth. Prevent hack attacks or at least have a backup plan that helps you recover from the damages instantaneously. Wallets like mobile wallets or hardware wallets are the ultimate platforms that can help you safeguard your digital currency, as they are hack-proof and require a pin or password to gain access into it. Remember, a smart investor is he who secures all his assets.


Learn as much as you can, and make sure to practice it in real life as well. There are a plethora of information and resources one can use in order to understand the working of crypto currencies. However, one needs a reliable trading platform to make their crypto currency investing journey as smooth and stress free as possible. Bitcoin is one such platform that is safe, easy to use, newbie-friendly and competitive, that lets all users have the most efficient trading journey as possible.


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