Steps To Build A Territory Sales Plan With A Buyer Centric Approach


As sales is the most important part of any business organization. Therefore, without a sales plan, no company can achieve their required sales targets. The more realistic is the sales target the more are the chances of achieving. Accordingly, you may need to set the sales targets and put consistent efforts to achieve them. Therefore, here sales planning also plays a very key role in achieving various sales targets. So, when we talk about territory sales, a territory sales manager plays a very crucial role in achieving those targets. While designing the sales plan, you may need to take care of the organization’s strategy and objectives, method of acquiring new customers and retaining the old customers.

One of the most important things that one needs to keep in mind while initiating the sales planning activities is that whatever you do it must be with the intention of serving the customers. Therefore, the product which you have designed must be framed in accordance with the needs of the customer. Here, you will be able to identify the buyer-centric market opportunities as well as you will be able to calculate your total addressable market.

Therefore, before creating a territory sales plan, first, we need to understand what does a territory meant for a sales team. From a sales team’s perspective point of view, a territory is an assigned area to a sales team in which you may need to sell the products and bring the targeted revenue. While in this digital age a territory has a totally different meaning like choosing data points for the company as well as industry. One of the best parts of having a sales territory is that your sales representatives will get a direction while doing their sales. They will get to know which market they need to focus on. In order to build a laser-focused territory sales plan, you may need to take care of the following things:

1 Start with a buyer-centric approach

Buyer centric approach plays a very crucial role in the customer’s buying journey or sales journey. Therefore, before creating any sales plan you may need to segment out on which particular market you may need to focus on. Before finalizing any territory sales plan, you may need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. The marketers, therefore, need to make research on the opportunistic markets they need to target, they need to create demand for the customer-centric interest. Apart from all these, you may need to do a thorough research about the interest of your audience. Keeping all these factors in mind, you may need to implement your sales planning activities.

2 Do a research about your targeted audience

Before initiating any marketing campaign, you may need to do a thorough research about your competitor. Try to identify the needs at which you are going to do the marketing. 

Always make use of the total addressable market to determine whether the region needs to be added to your territory sales plan. When we talk about sales territory planning best practices, then the segmentation of the audiences must be done very effectively. The more the audience is segmented, the more efficient will be your marketing strategy and thus closing more business revenues. Sales planning plays a very crucial role in devising your overall business strategy and thereby decreasing unwanted expenditures. In order to make use of a defined targeted audience, you just need to buy a high-quality database form a good database provider.

3 Make use of customer feedback and win/loss analysis

In a business customer feedback plays a very crucial role in your overall development strategy, you may need to give this customer feedback into feedforward and therefore you may need to take the business decisions in accordance with the consumer behavior. Ask your consumers more about the problems they are facing and the troubles they are encountering while using your product. In business, you may need to make sure that the audience to whom you are serving via product must be happy, this is because if the other people are happy then only you can be happy.

Always make use of a win/loss strategy in a business, this is because if you bear a loss also you can get a lot of learning from your activities as well as initiatives. This learning attitude must be kept throughout your life this is because learning is a continuous process and it will never stopped. Most importantly, I would like to say that a territory sales plan must be designed thoroughly keeping in mind your customers as well as your prospects.

I hope this article may have solved all your queries related to building a Territory Sales Plan and all the best for building your business empire.


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