Best Ways to Build Traffic to your Site

Web traffic

This is a page always in progress and will just be a big long list of ways and sources of traffic to your site. As we all know everyone seems to be always selling some new and fantastic traffic sources but really there is nothing magic about traffic.

Getting traffic has always basically built on the idea that good content finds it’s way to the people looking for it. If you have the best weight loss page it will get lots of traffic and if you have a terrible page it will get no traffic no matter what you do.

At the same time the best article that is of no interest to anyone will still not get any traffic. So be sure to write to a market that is big enough.

So here are a bunch of methods and sources of traffic.

Squidoo Pages – Squidoo is a popular site. Just make sure that you are not writing spammy enough pages and add all of your backlinks to your related pages

Hub Pages – A type of article site that will give you lots of traffic as long as your personal rating is at least 75% and your article is over 50%

Ezine Articles – Everyone knows Ezine Articles. Articles with backlinks rank high in Google and are good for backlinks

Article City – Another great article site although not as popular as Ezine Articles

Go Articles – Article site that allows direct affiliate links

Forum Posts – Post quality stuff on forums and you will be building trust with new possible readers

Comments on other blogs – Again a way to build trust with possible new readers

Comments on your own site – Keep the community alive. It is up to your re-commenting

Submit site to directories – Not as good as it used to be but sites and articles can be submitted to directories for both backlinks and traffic

Google Searches – The biggest source for most people for traffic. If Google loves you then you will get the most traffic from this source. Search engines are still the king of consistent traffic

Autoresponders – Your list can being you a lot of traffic if the like you and they see a link to content that they are really interested in. Be sure to get yourself an autoresponder quick and get it cheap.

Other Sites of your own – Put links on your other related sites. This is great for traffic as well as well as backlinks

Social Networking – Digg, Reddit and a ton of other speicalized Web 2.0 voting type sites can give you 1000’s of visitors in one day but none the next. Great spurts of traffic but terribly competitive

Social Bookmarking – Delicious is the best example of bookmarking traffic but there are many others as well

Linkbaiting to other sites – If you write great linkbait you will find other sites linking to it for traffic and quality backlinks

Returning visitors – Visitors through your RSS feed are great for getting traffic again and again

Adwords – Spending money on your money sites may work if your message is effective and your keyword terms are exact

Buying Links – Sites are always looking to sell links and this can help on a monthly basis if that sites traffic is very close to your sites vision.

I will post more as I think or find other sources of traffic. Good luck and think hard of the ways that you can get traffic. That is what it is all about for making money online.


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